mobilemardi (mobilemardi) wrote in southernbelles,

Hat Choices Today-Not So Great

I've been looking for reasonable hats to wear to an afternoon Mardi Gras reception, the Knights of Revelry, where we must wear afternoon dresses.  There is not much around, even on the internet.  Some look pretty good but I'm just not paying $400 for one.  There is a good company, Betmar/Plaza Suite, that consistently puts out reasonable, good-looking hats but many of these places don't carry their entire line.  I've also noticed it is very hard to find ladies' suits.  Anyway, I'm trying to find something nice because there will be ladies who spent quite a bit on their ensemble.  Got to look good!

It's really crazy that all of us are so worried about our hats when this party is really nothing but a big drunk fest.  They did serve food but I never found it; it's just drink, drink, drink.  So after an hour, most men won't remember you have a hat on!  This is a pretty good group that dates back to the 1870's, so it's bizarre and disconcerting to see your usually uptight lawyer passed out.  I don't agree with any of this type of behavior so I'm not condoning it;  in fact, I personally am very careful to present  myself in a lady-like way.   But it makes for funny stories about lawyers later!  During Mardi Gras, it is very accepted here in general.  Quote from my mom, "How tacky!"

Still, back to hats- it's fun to walk through the streets of Mobile donning a hat.   Most of the Mardi Gras celebrations revolve around the parade and then a very formal ball afterward.  There are a few groups that will hold a more casual reception with suits and hats, like the one I'm going to.  It's something different I really look forward to!
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